At RAPIDPay we envision a world in which online payments are fast, simple and secure for merchants and consumers alike.

  • One hundred years ago, cash was king. People got paid in cash, carried it in their wallets, and bought things with it at the local store. Payment was easy.

  • Oh, how the times have changed.

  • Today, our salaries are deposited straight into our bank accounts and we shop online, from merchants all around the world. So why is it so hard to pay straight from our bank accounts?

  • For consumers, paying online should be as easy as sliding cash across the counter. And accepting payments and issuing refunds should be the least of merchants’ worries.

  • Credit cards, debit cards, invoices and cash-on-delivery are all middlemen levying fees, debt and interest for the simple task of moving money from one person to another. While taking their time about it.

  • At RapidPay we create white labelled e-wallet software solutions that make online payments fast, simple and secure.