e-wallet Investment Opportunity

We’re looking for investors and partners to help us to promote our global crossborder payments e-wallet product and to open up new markets.

RapidPay Wallet is a market leader in the development of white-labeled e-wallet software that was established in 2017. Our e-wallet application can be easily customised to meet the needs of any client.

The modular design of the software lends itself to customisation by our skilled software engineers and graphic designers who can deliver a solution that is infinitely scalable and responsive built using serverless technology.

Aimed at businesses with high value high volume financial activity it’s a closed loop payment platform that can deliver up to 60% savings on transactions and a significant recurring revenue stream.

We are looking for investors who understand the importance and need for this application with good connections and access to potential opportunities.

If you are interested in investing in RapidPay Wallet, please contact us by sending a message using the form below or schedule a call.

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