The Rapid Pay e-wallet utilises online electronic identity verification (eIDV) services to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules which support a diverse range of international electronic identity verification requirements.


  • Minimize customer interaction
  • Mitigate risk from online fraud (identity and age verification)
  • Regulatory compliance with regional and international Anti-Money Laundering regulations
  • Increase revenue throughout by alleviating manual interaction in identification process
  • Comprehensive match information, not just a score

Full Transparency

Comprehensive Results

Our verification process returns comprehensive match information, providing results on: first name, last name, national ID, address, date of birth and telephone number from multiple data sources simultaneously.

Verification Results Matrix

Not simply a match score. The verification results matrix delivers a match results for each individual attribute from each individual data source. This provides you with an enhanced understanding and greater clarity of why a customer was verified or not.

GLOBAL Coverage

International eIDV for 60+ countries through one integration

Our service leverages 200 trusted, specifically aggregated and licensed data sources including; credit bureaus, electoral rolls, government issued, public and private data, telephone/utility records and watch lists to verify the information your customers provide.

Real time Results

We cut out manual and labor intensive identity checks and get real-time verification results for a frictionless customer onboarding experience.