An eWallet is like a bank. It enables customers and merchants to:

  • 01

    Make and receive payments.

  • 02

    Transfer money between each other P2P, P2M, M2M and M2P.

  • 03

    Enables customers to use foreign exchange

What is a white labelled eWallet?

  • This is similar to owning your very own micro bank that’s styled to match your corporate colours and if required to match your own custom process flow. For simplicities sake: imagine owning your very own PayPal.

  • It provides you with the opportunity to both save money and to make money. All transactions that occur within the eWallet are handled outside of regular banking ties. There are no bank charges and transactions within the eWallet occur instantaneously.

  • With your own white labelled eWallet software you can set your own limits and fees for money transfers, foreign exchanges etc.

  • You can ensure that you only allow customers and merchants who pass KYC